Good Samaritan Persistent’s Rescues French Bulldog After Owner Does The Unthinkable

A Florida man is facing animal-cruelty charges after he was caught dragging a French bulldog by a leash behind his pickup truck.  Shockingly the man claimed the dog would be “OK.”

Warning: Pictures may be graphic for some.

Lisando Arellano, 45, was driving a red Toyota Tacoma in Palm Beach County, FL, when another driver saw the poor pup being dragged by the truck.

The driver, who was horrified by the scene, said the white dog was “spinning on its side as its flesh scraped along the roadway,” according to a CBS 12 report.

Thinking the truck driver was unaware, the witness and other drivers honked their horns and flashed their lights to get Arellano’s attention.

Finally catching up to him at a red light, the witness rushed over to alert Arellano about what was happening. However, he just got out of the vehicle and carelessly tossed the injured animal onto the bed of the truck, according to a probable cause statement cited by CBS 12.

“The dog will be OK,” Arellano told the drivers before driving off with the truck bed still open, according to the report.

A sheriff’s deputy and an animal control officer went to Arellano’s home a few days later. Upon inspection of the vehicle, they noticed the pickup truck bed covered with what appeared to be blood, the news outlet said.

The poor pup named Blanco was reportedly lying on a bloodied sheet in a room filled with feces and urine. It was reported that the poor animal had deep cuts and was whimpering.

Dr. Sara, a veterinarian, told CBS 12, “Blanco’s limbs were trembling, and she could only stand for short periods. Blanco’s heart rate and respiratory rates were elevated.”

She continued, “Blanco’s top layers of skin were missing in several areas of her body. The worst injuries to Blanco are on her right front and hind limbs.”

Arellano told reportedly told officials he couldn’t afford to get Blanco medical care.  He said the dog was “just scratched” and that he thought she was fine because she could “get up,” the police report said.

Director of the Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control, David Walesky, said that Blanco has been recovering well from the horrific incident.

“Ultimately, she could have died from this. We are very thankful that the public brought it to our attention. It looks like she’s gonna make a full recovery. She may have some scarring and things like that, but, you know, psychologically and from a health standpoint.” he told CBS 12.

Arellano has been jailed on charges of aggravated animal cruelty and cruelty to animals, with a bond set at $3,000.

Blanca will continue in the care of the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Center for the next few days. Afterward, she will be placed into an adoption agency that will take care of giving her a new home.

Police added that if an owner is going to keep their dog in the back of a truck to make sure the animal is safely secured so they don’t fall out.

New York Post


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