‘Give That Man A Raise’ Southwest Airline Flight Attendant Gets Unhappy Travelers Roaring With Laughter

Brittney Abernathy was headed to Atlanta, Georgia, from Nashville, Tennessee, aboard a Southwest Airlines flight. The mood in the plane as passengers boarded was bleak. Travelers were visibly annoyed at the chaos and hustle at the airport.

The flight attendant who has decided to remain anonymous decided that he would provide some much-needed laughs for his weary passengers.

The flight attendant hilariously popped his inflatable lifevest collar, struck hilarious poses, and even pretended to toss an imaginary “infant” before strutting down the aisle.

Recently flying has resorted to being in a cattle car headed to the slaughterhouse. Airlines are canceling and delaying flights left and right, causing passengers many problems.

However, Southwest flight attendants are known for their witty safety briefs. Who could forget flight attendant Zach Haumesser hilarious brief on a flight from San Fransico to Chicago. At one point, Haumesser starts laughing while he’s giving his own brief.

In the video below, a Spirit airlines stewardess delivers an excellent briefing, hilariously telling her passengers to “go to sleep!”

One Frontier flight attendant had the entire flight in stitches – including his coworkers – as he delivered one of the funniest preflight demos caught on video.

A Mesa Airlines flight attendant had her passengers roaring with her southern sass, wit, and the funny way she threw the demo objects.

In 2019, a WestJet flight attendant gave a hilarious safety demo, and his facial expressions left one woman recording the brief in hysterics. After the man did a hilarious rendition in English, he then delivered a sarcastic rendition in French.

Flying can be stressful, especially with kids, but it’s always good medicine during a stressful day to get some laughs. Like the one flight attendant joked, doing everything with a smile can make a rough situation a little better.


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