Gilgo Beach Suspect’s Family Plunged into ‘Hellscape’

The adult children of Rex Heuermann, the alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer, are grappling with the aftermath of their father’s arrest. Attorney Vess Mitev, representing Heuermann’s two children, has emphasized their innocence, asserting that they are mere bystanders ensnared in a harrowing ordeal. This revelation comes as Heuermann, 59, was taken into custody last month in connection with the long-standing Gilgo Beach serial killer case in Long Island, N.Y.

Heuermann faces grave charges, including three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of second-degree murder, in relation to the deaths of Amber Costello, 27, Melissa Barthelemy, 24, and Megan Waterman, 22. Despite his plea of not guilty, law enforcement officials assert that DNA evidence has linked him to these heinous crimes. Moreover, Heuermann remains the prime suspect in the murder of 25-year-old Maureen Brainard-Barnes. All four victims were sex workers who mysteriously vanished more than a decade ago, their remains were later discovered on Gilgo Beach.

The shock and anguish of Heuermann’s arrest have rippled through his family, deeply affecting his wife, Asa Ellerup, and their adult children, Christopher Sheridan, 34, and Victoria Heuermann, 26. Ellerup has filed for divorce in the aftermath of her husband’s detainment. Christopher and Victoria, temporarily displaced from their home as detectives combed for evidence, experienced an emotionally tumultuous period. They were forced to reside in a nearby hotel alongside their mother for approximately two weeks.

Attorney Vess Mitev shed light on the emotional toll this ordeal has exacted upon Heuermann’s children, noting the profound challenges they face in recalibrating their lives amid the ongoing investigation. The family, according to Mitev, is navigating the distressing situation to the best of their ability.

In a recent court appearance, Heuermann was ordered to provide a DNA sample, which will be tested against a specimen previously collected by investigators. Prosecutors have also furnished significant evidence, including hard drives, documents, photographs, autopsy reports, and surveillance footage, to Heuermann’s defense team in preparation for an impending trial.



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