From Rags to Riches: Mark Wahlberg’s Insane Multi-Million Dollar Homes!

In a surprising twist, Hollywood A-lister Mark Wahlberg recently bid farewell to his $16.6 million townhouse in the exclusive community of The Summit Club in Las Vegas, just a year after making the decision to leave Los Angeles. This property, which the actor acquired in August 2022, boasts a lavish 7,327-square-foot space nestled in a neighborhood offering an array of luxury amenities, from a golf course to tennis courts and 24/7 security.

Wahlberg, alongside his wife Rhea Durham and their four children, decided to relocate before the start of the school year. The family initially moved into a temporary residence, only to transition to another home shortly thereafter. According to the actor, their plan was not just to shift residences but to build a new family home complete with a studio.

Adding intrigue to his Las Vegas real estate portfolio, Wahlberg also acquired 2.5 acres of land adjacent to the townhouse. It remains uncertain whether this parcel of land will be the future site of the envisioned family home or if it’s still under the actor’s ownership.

In October 2022, Wahlberg disclosed on The Talk that part of his motive for the move to Las Vegas was to champion for tax credits, envisioning the city as “Hollywood 2.0” with the establishment of a cutting-edge studio.

This recent move follows the sale of his extravagant 30,500-square-foot mansion in North Beverly Park, Los Angeles. Acquired in 2009 for $8.25 million, the chateau-style property, designed by architect Richard Landry, featured 12 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, and an extensive array of amenities. Despite an initial listing price of $87.5 million, Wahlberg eventually sold the mansion for $55 million in February 2023 after nearly a year on the market.

Mark Wahlberg’s real estate journey also includes a stint in Beverly Hills. In 2001, he purchased a $5 million mansion, spending two years on a lavish remodel. The 9000-square-foot property boasted five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a host of entertainment options, including a recording studio, boxing ring, putting green, and various sports courts. After listing it for $15.9 million in 2008, Wahlberg sold the mansion in 2013 for just under $13 million after five years on the market.

As Wahlberg and his family settle into their new Las Vegas abode, the actor’s real estate choices continue to capture the public’s fascination.



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