Friends Alum Regrets This Drastic Mistake

Actress Courteney Cox has recently admitted to making a mistake in her youth by trying to turn back the clock with fillers. During an appearance on the podcast Gloss Angeles, Cox described the regret she now has for getting the procedure done and the realization that she had gone too far with the fillers.

Cox said that she initially believed she looked fine after receiving the fillers, but that it wasn’t until much later that she saw just how “off” she actually appeared to the outside person. She described it as a “domino effect”, with her continuing to do more fillers to try and look normal to herself.

“Thinking I was getting older when I was really young,” she said. “That’s just a bummer, a waste of time; it’s a domino effect, it’s like you don’t realize that you look a little off, so then you keep doing more cause you look normal to yourself and you look in the mirror and go, ‘Oh, that looks good’.”

“You don’t realize what it looks like to the outside person and just doing too many fillers and then having to have them removed, which thank god they are removable, but I think I messed up a lot and now luckily I can, I was able to reverse most of that, and now I’m actually just older.”

The Friends star has been open about her efforts to remain youthful and has admitted that she went “crazy” with the injections and other treatments before eventually realizing it was time to stop. She added that her publicist wouldn’t let her post a before-and-after comparison on Instagram, but she wanted to show people what her friends were talking about when they told her she looked strange.

Despite giving up on cosmetic procedures, Cox still loves trying new products and puts a lot of pressure on herself to look good. She commented that “the scrutiny is intense” but that what she puts on herself is even more so.

Cox also expressed shock at the fact that her next milestone birthday will be 60. She said that time goes too fast and that she has learned a lot in her life about what to enjoy, what to try to do more of, and what to let go of.

“There’s no question that I am more grounded, I’ve learned so much in my life — what to enjoy, what to try to do more of, and what to let go of.”

Daily Mail


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