Four People Killed and Two Officers Injured in Atlanta Area

In a tragic incident that shocked the residents of Atlanta, a manhunt concluded with the death of Andre Longmore, the prime suspect accused of killing four individuals and injuring two officers. The pursuit for the 40-year-old began following a series of shootings that took place on Saturday morning in a subdivision of Hampton.

Law enforcement agencies were deployed in full force to track down Longmore after he allegedly shot three men and one woman in the Dogwood Lakes subdivision before fleeing the scene. The extensive manhunt came to a dramatic end in a neighboring area of Clayton County, where Longmore was confronted by the authorities.

During the confrontation, Longmore engaged in gunfire with the law enforcement officers, resulting in injuries to a Henry County sheriff’s deputy and a Clayton County police officer. One officer sustained a gunshot wound to the back and was airlifted to an Atlanta trauma center. Sheriff Reginald Scandrett confirmed that the injured officer was conscious, breathing, and communicating.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Van Grady confirmed that Longmore fired at law enforcement officers, and they responded with gunfire. Shortly afterward, the suspect was fatally shot, putting an end to the manhunt. Sheriff Scandrett expressed relief, stating, “The monster is dead. It’s an absolute honor to have this day that we can breathe a little bit easier, sleep a little bit better tonight. This monster is off our streets.”

The motive behind the shootings remains unclear, and investigators are actively seeking information from the public. Law enforcement agencies had announced a $10,000 reward for any information leading to Longmore’s arrest and prosecution.

The four victims killed in the Saturday shootings were identified as Scott Leavitt (67), his wife Shirley Leavitt (66), Steve Blizzard (65), and Ronald Jeffers (66), all residents of the Dogwood Lakes neighborhood. The tight-knit community was left devastated by the tragic events.

The Dogwood Lakes subdivision, located about 25 miles south of downtown Atlanta, comprises approximately 40 houses situated along two streets surrounding a serene lake. Following the incident, the area remained under heavy police presence, with investigators examining multiple crime scenes.

This incident marked the 31st mass killing of 2023, which has claimed the lives of at least 153 people, according to data maintained by The AP, USA Today, and Northeastern University.

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