Father and Mother Go To Desperate Measures To Protect Daughter From Predator!

A harrowing incident unfolded at Valencia Park on Saturday when a 12-year-old girl bravely reported a man attempting to record her in the park’s restroom. Her quick actions led to the apprehension of 33-year-old Jacob Anthony Arriola, who now faces a series of serious charges, including possession of child pornography.

The man was identified as 33-year-old Jacob Anthony Arriola, according to a release from the Orange County district attorney.

According to the Orange County district attorney’s release, the young girl was visiting the park with her family when she entered the restroom. She immediately noticed the man, later identified as Arriola, attempting to record her with a wireless camera. Fearless and composed, she rushed out and informed her parents about the unsettling encounter.

Without hesitation, the concerned parents confronted Arriola, detaining him until law enforcement could arrive. The police swiftly responded to the call and arrested the suspect on the scene.

Upon further investigation, detectives discovered a wireless camera they believe belonged to Arriola in the bathroom. Additionally, a search of his devices revealed disturbing evidence of child pornography. As a result, Arriola faces multiple charges, including possession of child pornography, using a concealed recording device without consent, using a minor in the production of pornography, and secretly videotaping someone in partial dress.

Arriola has pleaded not guilty to each charge, despite the compelling evidence against him. If convicted, he could face up to three years in prison for his heinous crimes.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer issued a statement expressing his deep concern over the incident. “Pedophiles will stop at nothing to satiate their own indulgences – even brazenly recording a young girl at a public restroom during the day, only a short distance away from parents,” said Spitzer. He lauded the young girl’s swift report and the parents’ intervention, emphasizing the paramount importance of protecting children from such exploitation.

The district attorney’s office is now seeking assistance from the public in identifying any potential additional victims of Arriola’s crimes. Anyone with relevant information is encouraged to come forward to aid in ensuring that justice is served.

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