Family Of Famous TV Host Breaks Silence With Devastating News

New York – The beloved television host, Wendy Williams, has been absent from the limelight for quite some time. Her disappearance left many fans in a state of speculation, but her family has now come forward to share the deeply personal journey she has been on for the past few years. Known for her candid conversations and catchphrase, “How you doin’?”, Williams has faced difficult health challenges as well as a battle with alcohol addiction.

In a People magazine cover story, Williams’ family has opened up about the challenges she has faced in recent years. Her niece, Alex Finnie, shared, “We’ve all seen the images over the last few months — and, really, few years — of what has seemed like a spiral for my aunt. It was shocking and heartbreaking to see her in this state.”

The journey towards documenting Williams’ comeback began in August 2022 when a Lifetime documentary team began filming her efforts to start a new podcast. However, as filming progressed, the focus shifted towards capturing her struggle with alcohol addiction and health issues such as Graves’ disease, which causes bulging eyes, and lymphedema, which leads to swelling in the feet. Williams also took on the role of executive producer for the project.

As the documentary unfolds, shocking revelations come to light, including moments of confusion and memory loss for Williams. At one point, she asked her driver to take her to her former show’s studio, only to forget that she had already made the request moments earlier. This alarming behavior, coupled with her son’s statement about a link between her cognitive issues and alcohol use, paints a concerning picture of her condition.

In April 2023, Williams entered a facility for “cognitive issues,” prompting her family to speak out about the challenges they have faced. In the documentary, her driver shared, “I don’t know what the hell is going on. I think she’s losing memory. She doesn’t know who I am sometimes.” The family also grappled with legal and financial complications, including a temporary financial guardianship imposed by a New York court and allegations of embezzlement by Williams’ court-appointed guardian.

Despite the ongoing dispute over her financial situation, Williams found solace in Miami, surrounded by her family. There, her son ensured she stayed away from alcohol, followed a vegan diet, and engaged in personal training sessions. The family wanted her to stay in Miami for as long as possible, but the show’s producers had different plans.

According to her son, Kevin Jr., he told the producers, “No, she’s not coming back up because she needs to get better.” He made it clear that Williams’ health was the top priority, and business would always come second. However, by June, The Wendy Williams Show was canceled, leaving Williams heartbroken and devastated.

Currently, Williams remains in the facility with limited access granted only to her court-appointed legal guardian. Her family shared that they have been denied unrestricted access, making it difficult for them to fully understand her well-being. It has been a difficult journey for Williams and her family, but they remain hopeful for her recovery and return to the spotlight.

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