Exclusive: Charlie Sheen Assaulted In His Home!

In a startling turn of events, actor Charlie Sheen found himself in the midst of a harrowing altercation with a neighbor that escalated into an alleged assault and burglary. According to LAPD reports obtained by TMZ, a 47-year-old woman stands accused of assaulting Sheen with a deadly weapon and committing burglary at his residence. The incident transpired when Sheen, 58, responded to a knock at his door, only to be confronted by the neighbor who forcibly entered his home.

During the confrontation, the assailant purportedly attempted to choke Sheen and tore his shirt before abruptly retreating to her own residence. Sheen promptly contacted emergency services, prompting police intervention. This disturbing incident appears to have followed a series of ongoing disputes between the neighbors. Sheen revealed to law enforcement that he suspected the same individual had previously targeted him by splashing a viscous substance on his car. Despite an initial discussion to settle the car incident, tensions evidently flared again.

Moreover, it has come to light that this neighbor had reportedly deposited trash in front of Sheen’s door a day preceding the assault, indicating a history of contentious encounters.

This alarming occurrence unfolds within weeks of a separate incident involving renowned actor Keanu Reeves. Reeves’ Los Angeles property was invaded by masked individuals in a burglary attempt. The LAPD responded to an initial report of a potential trespasser on Reeves’ premises, only to return later that night due to an activated alarm. Surveillance footage revealed several individuals in ski masks breaking a window to gain access to Reeves’ residence, resulting in the theft of at least one firearm from the property. Fortunately, Reeves was not present during the break-in.

These distressing incidents recall a past event in 2011 when Charlie Sheen faced a security breach at his Mulholland Estates mansion. Allegedly, a 26-year-old individual from Kansas City attempted to gain unauthorized entry by scaling the property’s fence. The individual, identified as David Pack, was arrested on charges of trespassing and pleaded not guilty.

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