By Chance Rescuer Spots Singed Whiskers Just In Time

The McKinney blaze is the largest wildfire recorded this year in California.  This wildfire has exploded in size and burned its way through the Klamath National Forest.


The threatening McKinney blaze, which is now engulfing 80 squared miles of dry tinderbox wildland in the area, has been spurred on by gusty winds and lightening strikes.

In order to get state resources focused on saving the county from charring destruction, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency Saturday as the fire raged through homes and forests.

Amid the horrific destruction caused by the unforgiving fire, Rescuers have found a tiny kitten with singed whiskers and a terrified puppy with its fur charred from the fire.

The tiny golden kitten was found with singed whiskers hiding in some rocks in the Klamath National Forest northwest of Yreka, California. Also among the wreckage was an adorable and surprisingly unharmed puppy.


A photographer came to the aid of a puppy wandering through the ruins of the area, where it was standing over a home that had been destroyed by the fire.

Jonathan Rivas brought the puppy to his truck, where he gave it water and then took it to the Rescue Ranch adoption center in the city of Yreka.

Jonathan Rivas said he arrived at the community of Klamath River early Saturday morning, just hours after the wildfire broke out. Rivas stated there was a lot of damage, with trees and homes burned.

The US Forest Service stated, “The area remains in a Red Flag Warning today for a threat of dry lightning and strong outflow winds associated with thunder cells.”

At least 849 firefighters are battling the blaze on the ground, and from the air with helicopters and air tankers, Cal Fire said Monday.

Among the destruction, we hope for more positive stories like the rescue of these adorable animals.



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