Drew Carey Makes Emotion Statement After Fiancée’s Killer Is Sentenced

Grieving comedian Drew Carey has finally found closure after the killer of his ex-fiancee Amie Harwick was sentenced to life in prison last year. Pursehouse, 45, received the maximum sentence for brutally ending the life of 38-year-old Harwick in her Hollywood Hills home in 2020.

Carey, 65, and Harwick dated for two years and were engaged before their split in 2018. Speaking to People, Carey said that since the final sentencing, “we’ve all let out a breath and are able to finally move on.” He also shared that he keeps photos of Harwick in his home and even has one in his dressing room, where he looks at it daily before heading out to set.

The couple’s relationship ended in a bad breakup and Harwick got a protective order against Pursehouse, stating she was afraid of him. Despite this, Pursehouse continued to stalk her for 10 years before committing the heinous crime.

Prosecutors revealed that he meticulously planned the attack and waited for about four hours in her home before attacking her with a syringe containing a lethal dose of nicotine. After a brief altercation, Harwick fell from a third-floor balcony and succumbed to her injuries. An autopsy report confirmed that the cause of her death was blunt force injuries to the head and torso.

While Pursehouse was not convicted until December 2023, Carey had been called to testify in the murder trial. He shared his final text exchange with Harwick just two days before she was killed and revealed that she had been worried about Pursehouse even while they were dating.

“When I heard that she got murdered, right away, I thought: “It’s gotta be that guy,”‘ Carey said in a previous 48 Hours interview. He also tearfully shared that he never got the chance to see Harwick before her death despite agreeing to have a conversation with her. He added that the greatest solace he has is knowing that she loved him, and he loved her back.

Harwick’s family and friends spoke about how they have been reeling from the loss of their loved one. Her father, Tom Harwick, spoke about the impact of her death on the family, saying “I am totally grateful for the services you’ve rendered to me and my family during this horrible ordeal,” adding “justice to Amie has been served.”

Harwick was a prominent marriage and sex therapist, gaining popularity through her appearances on TV and radio shows and authoring a book titled “The New Sex Bible for Women.”

Harwick’s killer will never be granted parole in California, where he will serve his life sentence. Previously, California had the option of capital punishment, but executions were halted by former governor Gavin Newsom.

Two years after her death, Harwick’s family can finally find some peace knowing that justice has been served. Carey shared that Harwick is always with him, and he can almost hear her voice guiding him when he is facing difficult situations.

Daily Mail