Dozens of NFL Fans Leave Stadium Only To Be Shocked By What They Discovered

While fans were happily watching the New Orleans Saints secure a victory over the Seattle Seahawks, criminals were racking up multiple goods by breaking into the cars of fans parked in a nearby lot.

Station WDSU reported that multiple fans experienced car break-ins at one lot.

One of the victims, Bennett Porche, said, “The Saints won, which was great, but yeah, it was pretty shocking.”

“We walked up to the parking lot. We saw a bunch of police vehicles here, and we came to our vehicle, and the driver’s side windshield was smashed in,” he continued.

Porche guessed that about two dozen people were victimized.

“It’s disgusting, it really is. I feel for all the other individuals that had their cars damaged and items stolen,” he said.

New Orleans defeated Seattle 39-32 in that game, however, Porche said the break-ins  ruined what had been a long-awaited game day.

Porche said, “We have season tickets. My son was on a waiting list, and he was on a waiting list for years. He was all excited, and this is the first game we come to, like I said, in 14 years, and this is what happens.”

“This has to be fixed, or people are not going to come to this city,” he continued. “We’re from Houma. We’re not going to come back until this is fixed.”

New Orleans resident Claire Jett stated, “When we do have friends that come visit, it is something that we definitely warn them about and to be careful.”  Jett commented in August during a spike in car vandalism.

According to WWL-TV, Car break-ins have been a long-standing issue in the city.

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