Detailed Police Bodycam Footage of Children’s Rescue

Disturbing police bodycam footage has emerged, shedding light on a heart-wrenching child abuse case in Las Vegas, where six children were found living in appalling conditions in an extended-stay apartment on June 11. The footage, obtained by 8NewsNow, captured the horrifying moment Las Vegas officers entered the residence to rescue the abused kids.

Upon receiving a call from a woman identified as Amanda Stamper, 33, who claimed to be hiding from her husband, officers arrived at a convenience store across the street. Stamper, a former prostitute, disclosed to the police that her husband, Travis Doss, 31, had brutally beaten the children using various objects, including belts, extension cords, and even kitchen skillets.

The bodycam footage showed officers attempting to conduct a wellness check at the apartment. However, a young child inside refused to open the door chain until a maintenance worker convinced them to do so. Upon entering, the officers made a shocking discovery – two of the children were locked inside a small dog cage with a padlock. One of these children, an emaciated 11-year-old, had sustained severe injuries, including two black eyes swollen shut and numerous marks and bruises all over his body.

Stamper, pregnant with Doss’ seventh child, revealed to the police that she believed the injured 11-year-old was already dead, claiming that he had looked that way for the last five days. The child later told detectives that his father had hit his face while he was trapped in the cage, trying to escape. He further disclosed that he hadn’t eaten in days and resorted to stealing discarded food from trash cans to survive.

Travis Doss, who claims to be a rapper, shockingly told the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police that he thought the child in the cage was already deceased, having allegedly kicked him in the head too hard the previous day.

Both Doss and Stamper were arrested for child abuse. Stamper’s public defender explained that she had endured serious abuse at the hands of Doss and was aware of the children’s mistreatment. However, Doss claimed he had never seen Stamper abuse the children. Stamper is being held without bail due to a probation violation, while Doss’s bail was set at $500,000 following his indictment by a grand jury.

The rescued child is currently receiving medical care at an undisclosed location, and the remaining children have been placed under protective custody. Both Doss and Stamper have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

You can see the police bodycam footage below. WARNING: Graphic Content.



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