Cruise Trip Turns Into A NIGHTMARE For Woman – Family Begs For Help!

Denise Hammond, a 64-year-old woman from Tappahannock, Virginia, found herself in a harrowing ordeal after a slip and fall incident during a Carnival cruise in the Pacific Ocean on October 4. While the ship’s medical team treated her arm injuries, it was determined that she needed a hip operation.

Rachel Matthews, Hammond’s daughter, expressed shock at the unexpected turn of events, stating, “It was crazy, you don’t ever expect those things to happen.” Despite Hammond having travel insurance for emergencies, Matthews claimed her mother received minimal care at an Indonesian hospital after being transferred there when the ship docked.

Carnival Cruise responded, asserting that their medical staff provided initial care and helped coordinate further treatment with Hammond’s insurance providers. They assured them that their CareTeam was in regular contact with Hammond and her family, and her insurance would organize her return home.

However, Matthews alleged facing difficulties in securing adequate care for her mother in Indonesia. She claimed that moving Hammond to a different country, Singapore would cost at least $40,000, exceeding the insurance coverage.

Faced with mounting challenges, Matthews launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for her mother’s safe transportation to a hospital in Bangkok. In the fundraiser, she expressed fear that Hammond might die without proper medical care.

A positive update on the GoFundMe revealed that a medical evaluation company would assess Hammond’s condition at her current location and then transport her to a facility in Bangkok for treatment on Friday. Matthews expressed hope, stating, “We are very hopeful that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.”

Despite Hammond having what was deemed as comprehensive travel insurance, Matthews highlighted the hurdles they faced in ensuring her mother’s care. “She had great travel insurance that was supposed to cover all of this. Still, even so, we faced so many hurdles just to get her the care that she needs,” Matthews explained.

In the final plea for support, Matthews asked the public for prayers for her mother’s recovery, expressing concerns about the potential long-term effects of the delayed medical treatment. The family is eagerly awaiting Hammond’s return home after this unexpected and challenging journey.



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