Couple ‘Lend A Hand’ After Tragedy Strikes Boston Restaurant Halloween Display

A 12-foot Halloween decoration is missing some limbs, and the owner is seeking public help.

A restaurant owner in Massachusetts was shocked to find that part of his 12-foot Halloween decoration was stolen.  The restaurant is asking for the public’s help to get back the skeleton’s missing pieces.

“Please help us catch the two who destroyed our skeleton last night, October 4th, at 12:00 a.m. The two were in Harvard Square in obviously looks like they had dined in Harvard Square.” The tiki bar and restaurant called Wusong Road wrote in an Instagram post.

“If you know that they dined somewhere please let me know, so we can figure out who these two people are and get our arm back,” they continued.

As reported on Fox News,

Surveillance video from the Cambridge, Massachusetts, restaurant shows a man taking photos of a woman posed in front of the giant skeleton decoration that is on the restaurant’s patio.

Moments later, the woman is seen taking the arm off the spooky decoration before taking off with it into the night.

The restaurant stated that it would offer a $100 gift certificate to anyone who had information that led to the recovery of the giant skeleton arm as a reward.

In an update report on the Daily Vice, a Worcester couple came to the rescue this week to help the tiki bar restore its massive skeleton after the thieves stole the poor skeleton’s arm.

Maria Bennes and her husband had purchased the same 12-foot-tall skeleton a couple of years ago, but a bad wind storm destroyed theirs, so the generous couple decided to donate the arm to the restaurant. 

As promised, the restaurant gave the couple a $100 gift card, which was the bounty the owners had put up to help them catch the people who stole the skeleton’s arm last week.

However, the bone thieves remain a mystery.

Fox News


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