Country Star Chris Janson Goes Ballistic After Fan Flips the Bird to His Kid!

Country music star Chris Janson took a stand against disrespectful behavior during his recent performance at the Kick’n Up Kountry Festival in Minnesota. The 37-year-old singer became visibly upset after a concert-goer allegedly flipped off his 9-year-old son while he was on stage singing Janson’s hit song, “The Reel Bass Pro.” Witnesses reported that Janson’s reaction was swift and fiery.

“You flip me off again and I’m gonna whip your f*in a** myself, and that’s the truth,” Janson fiercely confronted the person in the crowd. He then declared that he wouldn’t continue performing until the offender was removed from the concert. The artist’s frustration was evident as he demanded the person’s expulsion, using expletives and emphasizing their backward hat. The crowd, seemingly in support of Janson, cheered as the individual was escorted out of the festival.

Janson, known for his upbeat country tunes such as “Buy Me A Boat,” later addressed the incident once the situation had calmed down. He expressed that he typically refrains from using foul language or losing his temper, especially in front of children, but he felt compelled to take action when his son was disrespected. Praising the rest of the audience for their outstanding behavior, Janson made it clear that he had reached his limit with the offender’s behavior.

“Everybody in this whole place has been amazing,” Janson said. “I never raise my voice and I never cuss in front of kids, especially my own, but I will never put up with some punk flipping my kid off. I don’t ever lose my cool like that, but I was just sick and tired of it. I’d had enough. That’s it.”

In an effort to gauge the crowd’s reaction, Janson asked them to raise their hands if they approved of his response to the situation. The enthusiastic response from the music fans, who raised their hands and cheered, appeared to demonstrate overwhelming support for the country music star’s actions.

Following the incident, numerous attendees took to social media to express their gratitude and admiration for Janson’s handling of the situation. One fan, who attended the Kick’n Up Kountry Festival, tweeted their appreciation for the artist, commending him for removing the disrespectful individual from the event. Janson responded with gratitude, acknowledging the message.

“[janson_chris] great show at Kickin up Country!!!! Thanks for kicking the dirt bag out also!!! Boy rocked the stage!!! Happy Father’s day!!!”

Another fan conveyed their support for Janson, acknowledging that one person’s behavior should not overshadow the positive experiences shared by the majority. They praised the artist for his great performance and his refusal to let a single individual ruin the overall atmosphere of the festival.



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