Commuters Shocked! Downtown City Returns To Its Roots When Two Cowboys Are Needed Save The Day

Well, you don’t see this every day.

In Oklahoma City, emergency crews were forced to close an interstate after a cow went on the loose.

At first ATVs tried to corral the cow however, it took two cowboys on horseback to get the animal under control.

Footage of the incident was captured by local news station helicopters who followed the evading animal on the interstate.

In the video below two ATV’s attempt to corner the cow up against a fence on the side of the highway but it slipped through.

That was when a cowboy on horseback ran it down, lassoing the animal.

“Get him, get him, stay on him,” a man in the helicopter is heard saying in the video. Just as the cowboy successfully lassoed the animal the man cheers, “Yes! Yes! You go him, you got him, you got. Whoohoo! That is awesome.”

The cow with the lasso around its neck begins to slow in the middle of a busy intersection.  Then, a second cowboy quickly rode up and lassoed the animal’s hind legs, knocking it to the ground and securing it.

According to KOCO 5, there was a malfunction with the back gate of a trailer transporting cattle, and one of the animals broke loose.

Luckily, it occurred close to a pasture owned by Oklahoma National Stockyard (the nation’s largest stocker/feeder cattle market), and cowboys were alerted an animal was on the loose.

Blake Igert, a contactor for Oklahoma National Stockyards, said once they were told about the animal, he hopped on his horse and headed for the highway.

“There was a trailer load of cattle being hauled in and there was a malfunction with the back gate,” Kelli Payne President of Oklahoma National Stockyards said. “This could have been a lot worse for sure.”

The cowboys in the video were part of a “pinback crew” that pin cattle after sold during an auction that was to take place that day.

Oklahoma National Stockyards did not own the cattle or the trailer responsible for the mishap.

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