College Football Player Has SUDDEN ‘Episode’ That Leaves Doctors Baffled

Utah State University’s football team received a shock on Thursday when wide receiver Josh Davis collapsed during practice and had to be administered CPR.

The incident happened during Davis’ practice session at the school’s Logan campus. He collapsed and had to be given CPR by college staff. After a brief stay at Logan Regional Hospital, he was later transferred to McKay-Dee Hospital. To preserve his brain function, the hospital treated Davis with therapeutic hypothermia to keep his body temperature down.

The incident has been labeled “non-traumatic,” meaning it was not caused by any contact or injury. Davis’ parents flew in from California to be with him. His head coach, Blake Anderson, praised the training staff for their quick response, saying, “[There was] no hesitation at all. Miracle.”

The incident has highlighted a worrying trend in college sports. In recent years, several other athletes have suffered similar incidents. David Hookstead, writing for Outkick, he said, “It’s an incredibly troubling trend nobody seems to have an answer to. What is causing so many young athletes in the best shape of their lives to collapse and suffer heart issues? That’s a question people need answers to and nobody should be afraid to ask for clarity on the situation.”

Fortunately, Davis is now in fair condition and no longer on life support. His condition is a testament to the quick response of the college staff, as well as the medical professionals at the hospital.



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