CNBC Segment Goes Crazy After Being Crashed By A Man In His Underwear & A Dog

Oh, the perils of working from home.

If you had to work from home during the pandemic, I’m sure at some point you either witnessed or had your own embarrassing moment during a virtual meeting.

How could we forget the infamous “BBC Dad,” Professor Robert Kelley, whose two children went viral while he was part of a live segment.

Kelley was very serious during an interview covering the impeachment of the South Korean president when his daughter busts into the room dancing. The professor tries to shoo away his daughter but is unsuccessful. As the second child crashes in a woman rushes into the room grabs the kids and with significant trouble exits.

The latest live news madness occurred on CNBC during an appearance with Karen Firestone of Aureus Asset Management. While discussing the stock market with host, Aaron Ross Sorkin, dogs started yapping, and Firestone motions to someone off screen to deal with the animals.

Bring in the guy in his underwear.

That’s right, in the background, a man is seen walking across the screen in his underwear, and Firestone smirks.

Could he have thrown on a pair of shorts and his underwear? Sure, but it’s his house. The man was trying to enjoy a lovely summer morning, and it’s not his fault the dogs started barking while someone was doing a live TV segment in his house.

There was a similar incident in July of 2020 on MSNBC.

First the dog showed up as the guest appeared to trying to do the segment in the basement. Then kid number one strolled down the stairs followed by kid number two, who is older. As kid number two realizes what is happening she grabs kid number one and a sibling struggle ensues that continues off camera.


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