Celeb Nightmare: Shocking Break-In at Keanu Reeves’ Home!

On October 25th, 2023, news broke that actor Keanu Reeves’ home in Los Angeles was burglarized by masked thieves. According to TMZ, police were first called to the actor’s home on Wednesday evening in response to a trespassing call, but found no one on the property. However, just a few hours later at 1:00 a.m. on Thursday, an alarm at the home went off and police arrived again, this time catching the burglars on security footage.

Reeves, best known for his role as the skilled and deadly assassin John Wick, was not present at the time of the burglary, and it is not known if anything else was stolen besides a firearm. This is not the first time Reeves’ home has been targeted, as the New York Post reported that he had “back-to-back intruders” in 2014.

The actor is known for his intense training for his role as John Wick, working with weapons expert Taran Butler at Taran Tactical in Los Angeles. In fact, just a few days before the burglary, Breitbart News shared a video of Reeves at the range shooting various firearms, including a semiautomatic handgun, a carbine-sized firearm, a .308 rifle, and a semiautomatic shotgun.

In the video, Reeves is seen spinning and shooting at the sound of a timer, which was operated by his co-star Halle Berry. The actor’s dedication to his craft and his proficiency with firearms have made him a fan favorite, but unfortunately, it seems to have also caught the attention of criminals.

No arrests have been made yet in connection to the burglary, and it is unclear if the thieves specifically targeted Reeves’ home for his firearms training or if it was a random act. In any case, the actor is undoubtedly shaken by the invasion of his privacy and the loss of his property.

As of now, Reeves has not made a public statement about the burglary, and police are continuing their investigation.