Can’t We Just Play Football? Aaron Rodgers To Enter ‘Darkness Retreat’ Before Making NFL Decision

Aaron Rodgers, one of the most recognizable names in the National Football League, recently announced he is going to take a four-day “darkness retreat” to decide his future in the NFL.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is reportedly going to spend four days in complete isolation and darkness in order to contemplate his future. He said he has had friends who have done the retreat and had “profound experiences.”

“I’m still in the art of contemplation about my future,” Rodgers, 39, said during an episode of the Pat McAfee Show. “That’s why I think it’s going to be important to get through this week and take my isolation retreat and contemplate all things [related to] my future.”

The retreat comes at a pivotal time in Rodgers’ career. Rumors have been swirling that Rodgers wants to be traded from the Packers, and the 39-year-old recently announced he is no longer engaged to actress Shailene Woodley.

Rodgers also recently tested positive for COVID-19 after claiming he was “immunized.”

The four-time NFL MVP was drafted into the league in 2005 and is currently the senior-most quarterback following Tom Brady’s retirement “for good” earlier this month.

Speaking of Tom Brady, Rodgers said, “I have a ton of respect for him and what he’s accomplished. He’s one of one, that’s for sure. The idea that I wouldn’t want to share a stage with Tom and J.J. Watt — [who also left the NFL after the 2022 season] — that’s ridiculous. Their decisions don’t impact my decisions.”

The Packers’ lackluster record of 8-9 in 2021 leaves many wondering what Rodgers will do next. “I can’t help to think about football. It’s a love of mine. I’ve given my life to it. It’s always close to the front of my mind,” he said.

Rodgers said the retreat has been on his “radar for a few years now” and he is leaving in a “couple of weeks” for the experience.

The retreat will include being alone in a “little house” with no music or sounds. Rodgers said he hopes to “make a decision that is best for me moving forward. In the highest interest of my happiness and then move forward.”

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