Butter Fingers Forces Man Takes His Love To The Deepest Depths When He Botches Proposal – Watch

Many people have planned to the smallest detail of the perfect proposal only to be thwarted by unforeseen circumstances.  Such a situation found this man as he knelt down to propose to his fiance with the perfect sunset displayed behind them.

Scott Clyne was hoping for a romantic sunset proposal when all of the sudden, he accidentally fumbled the engagement ring as he knelt down to propose to his girlfriend on board a boat.

Clyne and his not fiance Suzie Tucker were standing on the boat taking in the view when Clyne turned her around and gently got down on one knee to propose, however, it didn’t go that smoothly.  As Clyne knelt down, the ring box fell into the ocean.

Quick to react, the 35-year-old dove after the ring into the ocean to save what was left of a potentially disastrous situation. Meanwhile, Tucker simply laughed in shock as she fell to her knees while watching Clyne take a nosedive off the boat.

Their friend was there to capture the whole moment in a video that has now gone viral. In a text that was placed over the video, Clyne said, “Dropped the ring in the gulf during my proposal.”

Clyne thankfully was able to recover the ring and completed the proposal to which Tucker did agree to marry him.

Clyne explained that the ring fell into the ocean due to the fact that it got caught on the top of his shorts pocket.

“I had the ring in my back pocket and when I went to reach for it, the corner of the ring box got caught on the top of my pocket and slipped out of my hands,” Clyne said.

“Everything was an absolute blur from that point on! All I remember thinking was ‘this can’t be happening!’ and next thing I knew I was in the water.”

“I didn’t hesitate to jump in because I envisioned it sinking quickly and I wasn’t taking a chance. I saw it bounce off the deck and hit the water and thankfully it floated for a split second, giving me the chance to grab it as I dove in,” continued Clyne.

Thankfully the couple is now planning their wedding and can only hope that no other scares will happen in the future!

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