Breaking: Harry & Meghan May Be Dethroned in Shocking Scandal!

Prince Harry, the estranged grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, will appear in London’s High Court this week in a three-day legal battle to demand police protection whenever he is in the United Kingdom. The prince and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been embroiled in a series of legal battles in recent years, but this latest demand for special privileges has drawn widespread criticism and further cemented Harry’s reputation as a petulant, entitled brat.

The British government’s Home Office removed automatic police protection for the couple when they left the royal family to move to California in early 2020. Now, Harry is demanding the same level of protection despite his and Meghan’s relentless criticism of the monarchy and his own family. In their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple accused an unnamed member of the royal family of expressing concerns about the potential skin color of their unborn son, Archie.

However, recent revelations from Omid Scobie’s upcoming book, “Endgame,” have named Prince Charles and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, as the alleged racists. This has led many to question the validity of the couple’s claims and has sparked backlash against their behavior.

It is estimated that the legal battle has already cost the British taxpayers over $500,000 in legal fees. To add insult to injury, British politician Bob Seely is proposing a new amendment to a 1917 Act of Parliament that would advise the Privy Counsel to formally strip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their royal titles. Seely argues that the couple, who constantly criticize the monarchy, should not be allowed to continue trading off their royal status for their own financial gain.

The couple’s behavior has also sparked calls for a re-examination of the role of the royal family and the powers it holds, particularly when it comes to conflict of interest and impartiality. Many believe that the couple’s actions have tarnished the reputation of the monarchy, and that they should not be allowed to continue profiting from their royal titles while also attacking the institution.

New York Post