Boyfriend Risks It All Proposing During ‘Engine Failure’ – See Her Response

A pilot named Anthony Bordignon, decided it would be a good idea to propose to his terrified girlfriend while faking an emergency situation.

Borgigon captured the entire scene on his GoPro.  In an article written by Borgigon on GoPros’ Inside Line, He says,

Flying high, over the moon, on cloud nine: There’s a reason that many sayings about being in love evoke the feeling of flying. It’s exciting, invigorating and sometimes terrifying. Flying through the sky has always been a dream of mine and when I met the girl of my dreams Katherine, I knew the marriage proposal I wanted to pull off. Millions have seen the video, commented and shared it on social media, but I’m excited to share the story behind how we got there and how I captured the moment.

The couple met as neighbors and began to form a relationship from there. They’d been together for two years before he decided to pop the question.

Bordignon has been flying since 2013.  His passion for flying gave him the idea of proposing to his girlfriend mid-air while creating an “engine failure” scenario.  Bordigon has experienced this many times before as a student pilot.  Bordignon said, “The thrill is like nothing you can imagine, and I was about to take this feeling to a whole new level.”

Bordignon gathered everything he needed for the big day and after a few hiccups, everything was set. Now he just needed the girl.

Bordignon called Katherine not knowing if his plans would work and said,  “Hey Hun, you know that flight I was going to take you on tomorrow?  Well, the weather isn’t looking that good and I really want to take you up in this new plane I learned how to fly. Is there any way you can get off work early today and meet me at Pitt Meadows Airport around 3 pm?

Soon after, Katherine replied she could make it to his impromptu flight.

Amazingly, the stars aligned and Bordignon was able to secure a plane. He said he remembered thinking, “How I this happening? This is actually going to work.”

With his checklist complete and cameras ready, they were ready to go and the flight began.   Shortly into the flight, as planned, Bordignon faked an emergency and an alarm sounded.  You can see the panic on Katherine’s face.  Bordignon calmly tells Katherine to get out the emergency landing checklist.  As she reads through it, she realizes she’s reading a proposal!  She good-naturedly slaps his arm before answering yes!

You can watch the full video below.  The happy couple was married Saturday, June 17th.



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