Bodycam Footage Shows Dramatic Rescue Of Kidnapped Woman

Louisville, Kentucky, police bodycam footage has revealed the harrowing rescue of a woman who was found chained to the floor of an upstairs bedroom within a residence. The dramatic ordeal led to the subsequent arrest of Moises May, a 36-year-old man facing a litany of charges including kidnapping, assault, and terroristic threatening.

The events transpired on August 16 when concerned neighbors contacted the Louisville Metro Police Department after hearing cries for help emanating from a second-story window of the house. Responding swiftly, officers arrived at the scene to find the woman frantically seeking assistance. However, their efforts to enter the home were thwarted as they discovered the entire first floor had been meticulously barricaded, leaving doors and windows impassable.

The police bodycam footage captures the intense moments as officers tried to breach the barriers in vain, desperate to reach the distressed woman. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, a neighbor offered a ladder to reach the woman on the second floor. Upon reaching her, officers were confronted with a heart-wrenching sight: the woman was crying and in a state of distress, with a chain affixed around her neck and bolted to the floor.

Subsequent police reports revealed the horrifying details of her captivity. Allegedly trapped by May, the woman had been subjected to a physical altercation during which her hair was brutally cut off with a machete. The pair, who share a child, had argued, and the situation escalated into a nightmarish scenario as May locked her in the house against her will, forcing her to remove her clothes and menacingly threatening her life.

Her escape from captivity came when she managed to break a window and gain the attention of vigilant neighbors, ultimately leading to her rescue. The subsequent investigation culminated in the arrest of May, who now faces grave charges related to his alleged actions.

May has entered a plea of not guilty.



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