Beloved Seinfeld Star Passes Away

Hello everyone, we’ve got some sad news from the world of comedy. New York comedian Hiram Kasten has passed away at the age of 71. The news was confirmed by Fox News Digital.

Hiram’s wife, Diana Kisiel Kastenbaum, shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook, revealing that her husband’s health had significantly declined since 2017 due to prostate cancer and lifelong Crohn’s disease.

In her heartfelt post, Diana wrote about their enduring love and how she cared for Hiram until his final moments. She shared, “He is survived by his beloved wife, Diana Kisiel Kastenbaum of Batavia, New York, who loved and tenderly cared for him until the end.”

The couple had been married since June 1986, and tragically, Hiram passed away on June 16, 2024, just hours after celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary.

Hiram Kasten was known for his role as Michael on the iconic TV show “Seinfeld.” His career took off as a frequent performer at the Comic Strip in New York, a venue where his longtime friend Jerry Seinfeld also performed. Over the years, Hiram made a name for himself in the stand-up comedy scene, performing at notable venues like the Improv, the Comedy Cellar, Carolines on Broadway, and Dangerfield’s.

The comedian’s battle with illness was known to his friends only in the last six months of his life. Diana shared that Hiram’s “great comedy and artistic community rallied to his side.”

Friends made trips to Batavia to visit him, and there were late-night Zoom meetings with friends from both coasts that lasted into the early hours of the morning. This support, Diana noted, “prolonged his life for at least another two months to be able to laugh with his peers.”

A funeral service will be held in Forest Hills, New York, with a public memorial service planned for Los Angeles this summer, though the dates are yet to be set. Diana’s post also highlighted the special bond between Hiram and Jerry Seinfeld.

According to Diana, Seinfeld “passed Hiram on his first audition, and he became a regular.” Their friendship spanned 45 years, a testament to the strong connections Hiram built throughout his career.

Hiram is survived by his wife, Diana, and their daughter, Millicent Jade. His legacy in comedy and the memories shared with his peers and fans will continue to resonate. Hiram Kasten’s humor brought joy to many, and he will be deeply missed. Rest in peace, Hiram.

Fox News