Baltimore in Shock as Young Forbes 30 Under 30 CEO’s Life Ends in Tragic Murder

Baltimore police have reported the death of 26-year-old tech CEO Pava Marie LaPere, whose lifeless body was discovered on Monday morning in her apartment on West Franklin Street. Police arrived at 11:34 a.m. and found LaPere showing signs of blunt-force trauma, prompting an immediate investigation by homicide detectives.

The unsettling discovery came shortly after a missing-person report was filed, heightening concerns about LaPere’s well-being. During a press conference, officials identified 32-year-old Jason Deans Billingsley as a suspect in the case, wanted for charges including first-degree murder and assault. Despite the severity of the accusations, authorities believe there was no prior relationship between LaPere and Billingsley.

Disturbingly, Billingsley had a criminal history, having been convicted of attempted rape and other violent crimes in 2011. Despite receiving a 30-year sentence, he was paroled in October 2022, raising questions about the justice system’s handling of his release.

Baltimore Acting Police Commissioner Richard Worley issued a chilling warning about Billingsley, stating, “This individual will kill and he will rape. He will do anything he can to cause harm. So, please be aware of your surroundings.” A manhunt is underway, involving local and federal law enforcement agencies.

“If you’re out there watching, hopefully you are, every single police officer in Baltimore City, the state of Maryland as well as the U.S. Marshals are looking for you. We will find you. So, I would ask you to turn yourself in to any officer, any police station, because we will take you into custody eventually, and then we will turn it over to the state’s attorney to prosecute you to the fullest. So, please turn yourself in,” he continued.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott expressed outrage at Billingsley’s release, emphatically stating, “There’s no way in hell he should have been out on the street.”

LaPere, the CEO of EcoMap Technologies based in Baltimore, was recognized for her contributions, receiving the Forbes 30 Under 30 award in the social impact category in 2023. EcoMap Technologies released a statement on Facebook expressing deep sorrow over LaPere’s death and extending condolences to her family. The company highlighted LaPere’s visionary leadership, dedication, and commitment to building an inclusive culture.

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