Attacker Gets A Dose Of Karma When An MMA Fighter Comes To The Rescue

MMA fighter Ro Malabanan who has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu witnessed an assault in New York City where he lives and immediately got involved to subdue the assailant.

Malabanan who shared a video on his social media is trained in boxing, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Malabanan utilized his skills to take down a man who was allegedly attacking people in Manhattan’s Soho Shopping District.

Malabanan who is 44, has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a yellow belt in judo, told the New York Post that he was on his way to his boxing class when he noticed the incident unfold. Malabanan goes on to say that he saw the assailant, 28-year-old Samuel Frazier, sucker punch a man right in front of him. Malabanan first made sure the man was ok and then ran after Frazier who he caught about a block away.

In the video shared with his followers, Malabanan said:

“My jiu-jitsu instincts just kicked in. I jumped on his back,” Malabanan said in a video he shared with his followers. “He tried to swing me off then — but for those of you in the know — a seatbelt position dragged him down to the floor, and I immediately took his back and pinned him to the ground.”

Several people have responded to the video with encouraging messages and praising Malabanan’s bravery.

Malabanan encouraged his followers to remain vigilant and to stay safe.

“Just another day,” Malabanan said,  “A lot of crazies out there in the streets right now so just please be careful. They will sucker punch you. They will take out their frustrations.”



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