Arsonist Gets Caught In Unlikely Way- Watch!

In a daring act of bravery, a California man demonstrated his mixed martial arts prowess by apprehending an arsonist responsible for igniting a fire that scorched 15 acres in the San Francisco Bay area. The incident occurred on Saturday when Alex Bello, a resident of Vallejo, noticed a man lighting road flares in a field near his home, resulting in a dangerous blaze until firefighters intervened.

Quick-thinking and concerned for his community’s safety, Bello immediately reported the arsonist to the local police. Not content to merely be a bystander, Bello took it upon himself to follow the suspect until he was granted approval from a dispatcher to take action against the dangerous perpetrator.

As the arsonist attempted to flee in a stolen black Tesla parked on Admiral Callaghan Lane, Bello confronted him and physically removed him from the vehicle. What the arsonist did not anticipate was that Bello was a trained mixed martial artist, ready to use his skills to detain the suspect.

During the confrontation, the arsonist bit Bello in a desperate attempt to escape his grasp. Unfazed, Bello maintained control, refusing to let the suspect go until the police arrived. He managed to immobilize the suspect using a double armbar technique, ensuring that the situation was under control without causing excessive harm.

In a significant discovery, Bello pat down the suspect and found a crack pipe on his person, adding to the list of charges against the arsonist. The brave citizen’s quick thinking and selfless actions proved vital in preventing further damage to the community and likely saved lives.

The Vallejo Police Department commended Bello for his vigilance and courage. Cameras in the area captured the suspect committing the arson, providing essential evidence for the ensuing investigation.

Speaking to Fox News, Bello humbly downplayed his heroism, attributing his actions to a desire to take real-world action rather than merely recording events on a smartphone. He emphasized that he felt compelled to get involved, especially given the proximity of the incident to his family home.

The arsonist is now in police custody and faces charges related to arson, auto theft, drug possession, and other offenses. The Vallejo community expressed gratitude for the actions of Alex Bello, whose swift and brave response prevented the destruction of their neighborhood.

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