Arrest Unveils Family Man’s Horrifying Double Life

In a shocking development, Rex Heuermann, a 59-year-old architect from New York City, has been arrested and charged with the murder of three women, while being suspected in the death of a fourth. The arrest comes as a breakthrough in the notorious Gilgo Beach serial killings, which left a total of 11 bodies discovered in the area starting in 2010. The case was recently reopened by former NYPD chief Rodney Harrison, now Suffolk County police commissioner, leading to the formation of a joint county and state task force.

Rex Heuermann, a Long Island architect was charged July 14, 2023, with murder in the deaths of three of the 11 victims in a long-unsolved string of killings known as the Gilgo Beach murders.

State Police Major Stephen Udice revealed that an investigator assigned to the cold cases identified Heuermann as a potential suspect just one month after being assigned to the case in February 2022. The task force meticulously worked together, and subsequent investigations confirmed Heuermann’s involvement in the deaths of at least three women. The victims tied to his arrest were referred to as the “Gilgo Four”: Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, Amber Lynn Costello, and Maureen Brainard-Barnes.

The breakthrough in the case came when the pimp of one of the victims identified Heuermann’s distinctive green Chevrolet Avalanche, linking him to the crimes. Rex Heuermann, a married father of two and architect at a New York City firm, resides in Massapequa Park, with his arrest taking place outside his Midtown offices.

Authorities wasted no time in searching Heuermann’s residence, where they discovered an astonishing cache of evidence. Up to 300 weapons, video equipment, and other items were seized during the operation. Additionally, a search warrant was executed at an Amityville storage facility associated with the suspect, as authorities searched for possible body parts or “trophies” related to the crimes.

Heuermann pleaded not guilty during his arraignment and is currently being held without bail at the Suffolk County Jail. The accused serial killer reportedly displayed a concerning interest in his newfound notoriety, as he asked jailkeepers whether his arrest had made the news.

Further details emerged regarding Heuermann’s past, with records indicating that he worked at Jones Beach State Park in Nassau County during the summers of 1981 and from March 1982 to October 1984. The State Parks Department declined to comment further on his employment.

New York Post


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