Android Phone User Just Got Some Really Bad News

In the world of modern dating, it seems that not all smartphones are created equal. According to a recent TikTok video by creator Travaine Barnett, some women find men who own a Google Android phone instead of an Apple iPhone less attractive.

Barnett took to the streets in October to ask women their thoughts on the Android versus iPhone debate. In the video, multiple women expressed that they would be less likely to date someone with an Android, citing reasons like not being able to text in blue instead of green and the inability to FaceTime.

Apple has long been known for its sleek, user-friendly smartphones, with features like iMessage and FaceTime being major selling points. However, in recent years, Google has made strides in improving its Android devices, leading to a more competitive market.

The stigma around Android devices is not new, with studies showing that owning an iPhone can increase one’s chances in the world of online dating. A 2020 survey found that iPhone users are 76% more likely to succeed in online dating compared to their Android counterparts. Another study from 2018 found that 70% of singles prefer iPhone users over Android owners.

This preference for iPhones is not limited to the dating scene, as a 2018 study found that among Gen Z, 88% of them own an iPhone and plan to buy another one in the future. This brand loyalty to Apple is reflected globally, with Android holding a 71% market share compared to Apple’s 29%.

While this preference for iPhones may seem trivial, it raises questions about society’s obsession with brand loyalty and the influence of Apple’s marketing. Regardless of the reasons behind it, the fact remains that in the world of modern dating, owning an iPhone seems to give someone an advantage.

It will be interesting to see how the Android versus iPhone debate evolves in the future as both companies continue to innovate and compete for market share.

New York Post