Amazon Driver Causes Couple to Cry After He Does This- Watch!

An everyday package delivery at a Michigan home ended with a touching act of patriotism, and a meeting of the couple and the Amazon driver who did it.

On Thursday, Delawrence Jones made a delivery at the Dexter’s home. What he did next, as seen on the door security camera, was straighten and salute their American flag. Tom Dexter said he was about to leave the house when he saw Jones’ patriotic act on the door security camera. He said he got “a little choked up”.

“I got a little choked up,” he told “Fox & Friends First” Friday alongside Jones. “He took the time to honor the flag, honor the country and he appreciates what we appreciate.”

“It touches my heart,” his wife Jenni said, adding that the family has nearly a dozen members that have served the country.

Jones said it was not the first time or the last time he will show his patriotism on the job, noting that it was simply “me being me.”

The couple then contacted Jones through social media, and on Friday morning they all met face-to-face for the first time on Fox & Friends First. Jenni Dexter said that the family has nearly a dozen members that have served the country and that Jones’ gesture “touches my heart”.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a poll that questioned U.S. respondents about the importance of patriotism, religious faith, having children, and other traditional U.S. metrics. The poll found that just 39% of Americans say their religious faith is very important to them, and just 38% say patriotism is very important. This is a stark contrast to the first time the poll was run in 1998 when 62% of Americans said religion was very important to them, and 70% said patriotism was very important.

Jenni Dexter said that she believes that if people can all do little things like Jones did, “it’ll make a difference”. Jones said that he hopes his actions will inspire other people to show their patriotism and to “love one another”.

Fox News


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