Against All Odds: Man Wakes From 3 Month Long Coma and Says These Two Words

Danielle Josey Davis was married only seven months after a devastating motorcycle accident left her husband on life support and in a coma.

Doctors were certain that Matt Davis wouldn’t make it and recommended taking Matt off life support believing that he would never wake up.

She said: “I knew that God could get us through that. I didn’t think that it was too big for God.”

When the two met it was love at first sight. Danielle was 24 and the pair married after just two months of dating.

Matt’s father had passed away two years before the accident and his mother was too sick to take care of him. Danielle stuck to her vows and kept him on life support.

Matt stayed in the coma for three months but then one day he woke up looked at Danielle and struggled to say “I’m trying.”

Danielle said that those two words were the “greatest thing” that entered her ears. However, Matt was unable to remember the past three years, that he was in a coma, that his father died, and even his marriage to Danielle.

Eventually, Danielle fought to get Matt home and they moved back into her mother’s house.

“If we’ve got to bring him home, let’s make sure he has the best view in the world,” she remembered telling her mother. “If he’s going to be a body in a bed, let’s give him something to look at.”

Danielle knew that Matt’s personality was intact when she asked him what he wanted to eat. “I kid you not, he says, ‘buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar’s,'” she said, explaining that it had been his favorite food. “We all whipped around because we all knew what he said.”
Matt got to fall in love with Danielle all over again. Now Matt is going to yoga and driving a stick shift with the love of his life.



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