According To Ex-Buccaneers QB, 45 Year Old Tom Brady Is ‘A Shell Of Himself’

At age 45, many think Tom Brady is no longer the unstoppable quarterback he once was.

In fact, former Buccaneers QB Shaun King made an assessment of Tom Brady’s performance that left no room for interpretation.

He said, “Let’s be honest, man,” King told “Why does everybody beat around the bush? Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarterback at the professional level we’ve ever seen, and nobody in modern football is getting to 10 Super Bowls, and they’re definitely not winning seven. In spite of that, you still should be honest about what he is now. He’s a shell of himself. Especially when he’s encountered with pressure.”

Shaun King played for Tampa Bay from 1999-2003, and though he isn’t taking anything away from all that Brady has accomplished, he just believes that Brady has nothing left to give at 45.

King continued to say, “Yeah, in spurts he can still make some throws, and, yeah, every second or third game he can have a fourth quarter that makes you remember how great he was,” King said. “But from start to finish, he’s not the same player. Age is undefeated. If you watch Tom Brady play, when he is under pressure and duress, he is completely out of whack. That’s just the reality of it.”

Brady, who has had a very tumultuous year, also went through a very public divorce from Giselle Bundchen. Though Brady’s choice to come out of his very short retirement is the main component of his divorce, Brady is now free to sign with whatever team he wants if he opts to continue playing.

The feeling being given in regards to Brayd by his Bucs teammates and experts is that he is done with Tampa Bay. However, there are plenty of teams expected to be very interested in Brady, including the Raiders, Dolphins, and possibly a Patriots reunion as New England has just hired Bill O’Brien as their new offensive coordinator.

King went on to say, “It happens, man. You get old. You step off the sidewalk and you feel like you jumped off a 10-story building. It happens to everybody. It’s just a part of getting old.”

New York Post


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