A Woman Was Stranded But A Homeless Man Was At The Right Place At The Right Time

A simple act of kindness has gone viral.

The incredibly good gesture was captured in a photo by a Reddit user who described the incident to users on the MakeMeSmile subreddit. The post had over 86,000 thumbs up.

A woman was stranded in Chicago with a flat tire while wearing a skirt and heels.  Noticing the woman was in distress, a homeless man came to her rescue and offered to change her tire for her.

“I only had $60 on me, but I very gratefully gave it to him for saving me,” she said.

The woman was on her way to an important dinner and would have missed it if she had to wait for a service to arrive at the corner of Federal St & Ida B. Wells Dr.

“He really saved me,”  she said, adding, “I’m no mechanic. Those lug nuts were on so tight. I really don’t think I could have done that. He really struggled with them himself.”

“He was really sweet. Called me ‘a lady’ and even opened my car door for me.
He was very much a gentleman,” she recounted.

In the comments that followed, many people praised the kindness of the man and talked about their similar experiences where kind homeless people gave a helping hand.

One person with the user name Dwoodruf commented, “Had a blowout in the not-so-nice area in Oakland and the homeless were thrilled to help me out. This memory makes me smile.”

Another named Itsyounotmeithink recalled, “I was driving in the snow years ago and slid into a snowbank a homeless guy came over and asked if he could help me get out. He pushed my car out of the snowbank—it was very hard to do and he spent a long time helping me get out… I was so grateful I gave him my last 20 dollars he didn’t even want it but I insisted he take it.”



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