A Bold Woman Risked Everything As He Was About To Throw The Baby Off A Bridge, ‘I’ll Shoot You!’

Christine King was on her way to work in Northeast Philadelphia when she saw a man holding a baby over the side of a bridge on the I-95 overpass. She immediately pulled over and tried to rescue the infant.

King stated, “Then I saw that the man grabbed the baby and tried to throw her over the bridge. That’s when I hit the brakes on my car and went out to stop him. I ran. I said, ‘Just let the baby go. Let the baby go. Give me the baby.”

Little did she know that the man had a gun. King attempted to grab the baby from the man and didn’t see his gun at the time. He yelled, “I will shoot you,” as she tried to convince him not to harm the child.

While the man was distracted, the baby’s mother took the gun from the man, and the police who arrived on the scene struggled with the man before successfully rescuing the baby.

King stated that the dispute was over the baby’s mother purportedly ending a relationship with the man.

As for the King’s brave actions, she said she would do it all again if needed. Thankfully the baby was safely rescued and had a positive ending to a potentially deadly situation.

WPVI 6 reported:

The man who was arrested for allegedly threatening the mother of his child and their baby, including a threat to throw the baby off an Interstate 95 overpass in Northeast Philadelphia, has been identified.

Raheem Murphy, 35, is facing a number of charges including aggravated assault, kidnapping, and endangering the welfare of children.

During the course of the incident on Thursday, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office said Murphy not only threatened the woman and child, he also threatened a good Samaritan who intervened.

King is being hailed as a hero, if it wasn’t for her, who knows what would have happened.



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