A Bad Case Of The Toots Causes A Nightmare On Flight

A recent American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Austin faced an unexpected delay due to a disruptive passenger’s excessive flatulence. The incident, which occurred on January 14, was recounted by a Texas-based Reddit user with the handle lamgalatx.

The witness described the situation in a post on the r/Austin subreddit, noting that the disturbance began while the airplane was still at the gate.

According to the account, a visibly disgruntled and possibly hungover man loudly passed gas, making a provocative comment about the smell. The witness expressed surprise at the uncalled-for behavior, especially considering it came from a grown man on an airplane.

The disruption escalated when the flatulent passenger, seemingly unapologetic, encouraged others to eat the smelliest food simultaneously. This led to a verbal altercation with fellow passengers, with one suggesting that if he didn’t like it, he could fly private.

The situation became increasingly confrontational, prompting the plane, which had already started moving toward the runway, to return to the gate. The delay required the involvement of the flight crew, who informed the disruptive passenger that he would not be allowed to stay on the flight.

The individual, described as “fartman” in the witness’s post, left the plane without further incident, much to the relief of other passengers. The entire ordeal caused a delay of 15-30 minutes, but the witness commended American Airlines for handling the situation swiftly.

The incident brought to mind a more severe case from nearly two decades ago on another American Airlines flight. In that instance, a passenger reportedly lit matches mid-flight in an attempt to mask a fart.

The repercussions were severe, leading to an emergency landing and a subsequent ban from the airline for the disruptive passenger.

While the recent incident may have caused some inconvenience for the passengers on the Phoenix to Austin flight, it serves as a reminder of the need for swift action to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all on board.