1950s Cult Classic Remake Is On The Way

In a surprise collaboration, Tim Burton and Gillian Flynn have teamed up to work on a new project together. The creative duo will be remaking the classic cult movie “Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman” for Warner Bros. Fans of Burton’s whimsical visuals and Flynn’s gripping storytelling can expect a unique take on the 1950s science fiction horror film.

Burton, the mastermind behind films such as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Edward Scissorhands,” will be directing the remake. This is his second project with Warner Bros., as he is also currently working on the sequel to his cult classic “Beetlejuice.” With a track record of successful and visually stunning films, Burton’s involvement in the remake is sure to excite fans.

Flynn, who made a name for herself after her bestselling novel “Gone Girl” was adapted into a critically acclaimed film, will be writing the script for the remake. The award-winning writer is known for her sharp and intense storytelling, which will surely add depth and complexity to the remake. She is also no stranger to adapting her own work, having written the screenplay for the HBO miniseries “Sharp Objects.”

The original “Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman” follows the story of a wealthy heiress who grows into a giant after an alien encounter and seeks revenge on her cheating husband. It is not yet known how closely the new film will follow the plot of the original, but with Burton and Flynn at the helm, it’s safe to say that audiences can expect a fresh and imaginative take on the classic tale.

The 1958 film, made on a shoestring budget of just $88,000, has become a cult classic and a staple in the science fiction genre. The remake will likely have a considerably higher budget, allowing for more elaborate and visually stunning effects. Fans of both Burton and Flynn will be eagerly anticipating the results of their collaboration.

This is not the first time a remake of “Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman” has been attempted. The 1993 made-for-TV movie starring Daryl Hannah was met with mixed reviews. However, with the talented team of Burton and Flynn behind this new project, there is no doubt that this remake will bring a fresh and imaginative vision to the table.

Burton and Flynn will not be the only talent involved in the remake. Along with directing, Burton will also be producing alongside Andrew Mittman and Tommy Harper. Kai Dolbashian will serve as the executive producer. With a team of experienced and talented individuals, the remake is sure to be a success.

Fans of the original film may be apprehensive about a remake, but with Burton and Flynn’s track records, they can rest assured that their beloved movie will be in good hands. The project is still in its early stages, with no casting announcements made yet, but with such a talented team behind it, the remake is sure to attract top-notch talent.

Fans can expect a visually stunning and gripping retelling of “Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman” from the powerhouse team of Tim Burton and Gillian Flynn. While no release date has been set yet, fans can’t help but anticipate the results of this collaboration.