You Won’t Believe What This Dog Had Stuck on His Head for 3 Days!

In a heartwarming tale of rescue and compassion, a stray dog named Cheeto has been saved from an unusual predicament after being discovered with his head stuck in a cheese ball bucket over the weekend. The Detroit Free Press reported that a Good Samaritan, unwilling to let Cheeto’s plight turn into a cheesy disaster, intervened and captured the distressed canine. Swift action led to Cheeto being taken to the Last Stop Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

Tom Walsh, the owner of the rescue facility situated on a 12-acre farm, described Cheeto’s challenging ordeal, stating, “This pup’s been out on the run — we don’t know how long — but we know he’s had the jug on his head for three days.” The young dog was found severely underweight, weighing about 60-70 pounds less than he should.

Walsh and his wife, both retired, operate the Last Stop rescue, providing a haven for various animals, including dogs, cats, cows, horses, donkeys, pigs, and ducks. Their dedication to providing a “last stop” for animals in need is evident in their rescue efforts.

Cheeto’s journey to recovery has been documented on Facebook by the Walshes, who posted updates about his capture and progress since finding shelter. The heartwarming story has garnered attention, and Cheeto is now available for adoption, joining the ranks of numerous stray dogs seeking loving homes.

According to PETA, approximately 70 million strays roam the streets of the United States. The ASPCA highlights that 6.3 million animals, including dogs like Cheeto, are taken to shelters annually, with a heartening statistic revealing that 65% of these dogs are adopted.

Last Stop Animal Rescue distinguishes itself as a no-kill shelter, ensuring that animals like Cheeto, if not adopted, will have a forever home at the farm. Walsh emphasized the couple’s deep-rooted connection to animals, stating, “We both grew up in the country around animals, and it just comes naturally that you want to see them treated right.”

As Cheeto awaits a new chapter in his life, this heartwarming rescue story sheds light on the critical role of shelters like Last Stop in providing refuge for animals in distress and the importance of adoption in tackling the issue of stray animals nationwide.



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