Woman Receives A Disturbing Accompaniment With Steak Dinner At Disney Restaurant

A family was enjoying a night out at Disney Springs, FL when a woman who was dining at Morimoto’s was brought to tears by what accompanied her order of wagyu beef.

Larissa Perkins who goes by @adderallthrawn posted the video on her TicTok account and the short clip has gained over 1.4 million views, 280,000 likes, and 3,098 comments after showing the disturbing Disney footage to her account.

As the video has some very raw reactions that swing both ways, the video is reportedly causing some people to rethink their dining choices on their next Disney visit.

Perkins and her friends were celebrating a birthday and enjoying their evening. However, no one was prepared for what accompanied their steak dinner. As the waiter brought their food, alongside the steak was a certificate describing information about the cow they were now about to eat.

“It comes with the cow’s birthday,” Perkins exclaimed. “He was born in May. His name was Shino.” The camera then showed a small black ink spot on the certificate. “That’s his little nose print!” she wept.

As reported on Yahoo,

“According to CrowdCow.com, Japanese A5 wagyu beef is typically served with a certificate of authenticity, detailing each cow’s unique lineage, place of birth and other details. Each cow has a unique identification number, which can be looked up on a Japanese government website.”

As the video circulated, TikTok users and other social media users were shocked and horrified by the information.

Thousands of TikTokers shared their sentiments about the certificate in the comments.

“Disney serving a little trauma with every dish😂,” one user commented.

“Oh god, I thought it was bad when you said they listed their birthday. The nose print would have ended me 😂,” commented another user.

“Oh no, I think this would make me turn vegetarian,” said another.

However, not all were horrified. Some people appreciated the transparency.

“I really like this. it shows that the cow was loved and cared for. not just birthed and added to a sheet of numbers,” one user wrote.

As for Perkins, she later posted in the comments section of the video saying, “I laughed, I cried, I made jokes about how much Shino would have loved the sorbet we had later … it’s all good folks🤙🤙🤙.”

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