WATCH- Touching Moment When A Soldier Is Reunited With His Dog

American soldier, Curtis Ruckey, 24, came home after being gone for 10 months to find that his pup, a two-year-old Australian Cattle Dog named Yondu was beyond excited to see his dad back home.

Ruckey’s wife, Mina captured the moment her husband and Yondu were reunited.  The pair had been separated for 10 months which is the longest he had ever been gone.  He had previously only been away for three to five weeks at a time.

Yondu was only 8 months old when Curtis left.  Curtis, a soldier in the Army National Guard Infantry can be seen trying to contain Yondu as the dog’s excitement is overwhelming both Curtis and Mina.

As reported by Talker,

Mina, who works in admin at an orthodontics practice in Connecticut, described her pup as a people person who loves anyone he comes across and emphasized that he never left her side whilst her husband was away.

Mina said that their reunion made her cry tears of joy as they both realized that their beloved pet not only remembered Curtis but was unbelievably excited to see him.

Mina said, “I honestly could not stop crying when I saw my dog and my husband finally reunited. I think I cried more at their reunion than I did at my own reunion with him.”

“In the video, you can hear Yondu literally squealing with excitement while he waits for Curtis to pick him up. He kept whimpering, running away, then jumping on him again…but we didn’t mind at all. Curtis and I were just so relieved and thankful that Yondu remembered him,” she continued.

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