WATCH: Look Out! Little Terrier Goes Viral Because He May Like McDonalds Fries A Little Too Much

Have you ever been so hungry that you just had to dig in the moment your food arrives? Apparently, millions can relate — a viral video of a dog going crazy over some of McDonald’s french fries while his owner tried to take them away has left viewers in hysterics online.

Footage of the crazed pup was shared by jnjcreations to TikTok, where it has been viewed over 12 million times. Watch it below.


@jnjcreations #When your #dogsoftiktok go crazy over #mcdonald ♬ original sound – Jamal

While the canine may be small in stature, it shows enough fight to nab the fries from its owner, whose expression is one of amusement and frustration.

The dog’s intense sudden burst of aggression was so hilarious. The tiny dog transformed into a chaotic little gremlin!

Apparently, many people could relate, the video has had over 13 million views!

While McDonald’s is loved by many,  it’s rare for dogs to show such an intense interest in things from the famous food chain—and that’s probably a good thing. According to animal welfare charity Blue Cross, though potatoes are safe for dogs to eat, they should ideally be cooked for canines with “no oil or seasoning.”

While it’s ok to give dogs an occasional fry or two,  it’s better for them to enjoy it in moderation.

Though the pup’s owner was sure to be short some fries, he has gained plenty of viewers on social media, with many commenters chiming in with their thoughts about the pup.

Rroman510 wrote, “He ain’t playing about them fries”

Another comment from LittleChaos0627 said, “I thought my doggies went crazy for them fries!”

Minerva Rios commented, “Mine too!! No joke they love them.”

Since the pups love of fries is evident, the owner decided to indulge him even more when they got him a new Adult Happy Meal. As you can see, he’s just as possessive!



@jnjcreations #dogsoftiktok #fypシ #it #Friday he #got him a #happy meal #dog #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – Jamal



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