Watch: Camera Captures Jogger Unaware That She’s Being Hunted

You never know who or what is waiting and watching you behind the scenes.

A Home surveillance camera captured a woman being stalked by a mountain lion in an Ojai, California, neighborhood.

Though it’s not clear if the mountain lion had any contact with the person, it looks as though they escaped without issue.

The mountain lion was casually walking down the sidewalk when it noticed a jogger coming by.  The mountain lion took cover behind a bush and crouched as if it was getting ready to pounce.  The jogger was completely unaware that they were being watched by a dangerous predator.

Though the mountain lion is a dangerous predator, it is not common for mountain lions to attack humans, but it does happen on occasion.

Fortunately for the jogger, the large cat was smart enough to let the person continue blissfully unaware of how close they came to becoming dinner.

It’s a healthy attitude for the cats to fear humans, and as stated earlier, it’s not common for the cats to enter residential neighborhoods as seen in the video.

Though it is unusual for a mountain lion to attack a human, a northern California woman was attacked on a rural trail in May. The woman’s dog tried to come to the rescue and stop the beast in an effort to protect its owner- an act that may have saved her life.

The cats do tend to get in sticky situations with joggers, especially if there are mother cats who think their young are in danger.

Mountain lions are considered more of a danger to smaller animals, such as dogs and cats. It is not safe to let pets loose in rural areas where mountain lions are known to reside, according to the Mountain Lion Foundation.

Native to most of the American West, Mountain lions although territorial,  have low population densities, according to the National Wildlife Foundation.



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