WATCH: Man Punches A Bear In The Face To Protect Family – See What Happens Next

In a TikTok video that has had over 6 million views, you can see a man slapping a bear in an attempt to protect his family and dogs.

The video of the man slapping a bear while on a walk with his family and their dogs has gone viral.

In the video, which hit 6.2 million on TikTok, Anthony Mooren, was walking along with his family when all of the sudden you hear screaming.  The family was startled by a bear’s presence who seemed to be very interested in the family’s dogs. Mooren quickly took action and can be seen yelling at the bear in an attempt to keep his family at pets safe.

The confrontation ended soon after Mooren started yelling, making loud banging noises, and at one point, even slapping the bear, causing the animal to retreat!

“Get back, get back,” yelled Mooren just before he punched the bear in the face and pulled one of his pups to safety.

Several people made comments at the confrontation saying,

“Dude said call an ambulance but not for me,” said one user.

Another jokingly said, “Grandpa can you tell me the story of the Slap of ‘22.”

“I’m more afraid of the dude than the bear at this point,” a third person said.

According to Gone Outdoors, the best way to scare off a bear is ,

Loud noises frighten most animals, and bears are no exception. If you find yourself confronted by a bear, create a ruckus — the louder the better. You can shout, scream, clap your hands or bang pots together. Electronic personal alarms can also help scare bears away. Avoid advancing on a bear, while making loud noises; ensure he has a way to retreat.

So though Mooren did all the right things, I would not suggest getting into a physical altercation with a bear.
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