True Power Of Love: Chimpanzee Mother & Her Newborn Make Headlines After Everything Went Wrong

An adorable baby chimpanzee and his mother are making headlines as their heartfelt reunion made people tear up at the apparent love the mama chimpanzee has for her baby.

Mahale, the mother chimpanzee, and her baby, Kucheza, were separated due to complications at Kucheza’s birth. In the video, Mahale can be seen entering a room- not yet aware that her baby is there as well.

The reunion was a beautiful thing to watch as the mother realizes her baby is back. Mahale quickly unwraps her baby and snuggles Kucheza to her chest while rocking him and giving him kisses.

The mother and baby live in the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas.

However, it was not all happiness in Kucheza’s first moments a zoo representative told Fox News Digital.

Jennica King, director of strategic communications for the zoo said, “Mahale’s labor had stopped progressing and the medical team had to do an emergency C-section to get the baby out safely.”

“He had breathing complications at birth and had to spend the night in the hospital for breathing treatments,” she continued.

Thankfully, Kucheza responded “very quickly” to the treatments and care provided and was able to leave the hospital the following day.

King said, “Once mom had baby back she wouldn’t let go, and keepers would certainly not want to have to separate them again.”

The new mother, Mahale is 28 years old. Mahale came to the Sedgwick County Zoo about a year ago from another zoo, King explained.

While there is no guarantee that Mahale or her baby Kucheza will always live at the Sedgwick County Zoo, King said that she can say the Mama and baby chimpanzee “will be together for at least the next five-eight years.”

King went on to say that when Kucheza is fully grown, he would “naturally separate from his mother.”

In an update on November 27th, King told Fox News Digital, “Mom and baby are doing extremely well.”

“Mahale is healing, and looking and acting exactly as a mom of a newborn should,” she stated.

Fox News


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