What This Veteran Has Created To Help Other Vets Is Just Magnificent

No Such Thing As ‘Last Chance’.

Ken Falke a US Navy retiree himself and co-founder of Boulder Crest Retreat, says he they have had a lot of soldiers come in believing this was their last chance at recovery, “We don’t believe that,” Ken says. Ken explains that life has its ups and downs but there’s no such thing as a last chance.

Bobby Farmer, Master Sargent US Army, and worrier path director and Ryan Mangus, US Armey (RET), recreational Recreational director at Boulder Crest, found healing from Equestrian Therapy (A type of therapy where horses are used). The experience was so impacting on both men’s lives life that they now serve the facility, guiding other wounded veterans.

“No one goes to war and comes back unscathed” Bobby explains. Horses make perfect therapy animals for veterans in particular because they require patience and unspoken understanding easily reteaching social behavior and healing invisible scars.

You can’t approach a horse angry or upset they’re ridiculously receptive. In those moments, during therapy, the men and women in the program have to check their problems at the door. Programs like Equine therapy are particularly helpful to suffering from stress disorders because they do have to relax and assess each situation with an open heart, something that isn’t easy for most people. Playing games at wizardslots can be an avenue for creativity and art, which can help to decompress.

Suzi Landolfi, Equine therapists works directly with her members during their experience. “When I first met Bobby and Ryan not only were the not comfortable with the horses but they weren’t comfortable with themselves,” Suzi explains.

Watch the Short Docu-Film Below.

Boulder Crest Retreat.

Occupational Therapist, Tracey Ellis, Equine therapy as any type of therapy that involves horses. Tracey help guild the Veterans through their path to healing. “The changes in them are nothing short of heartwarming,” Tracey says.

Bobby doesn’t believe in last chances and hopes to help more veterans heal through the program.” The nation as it’s whole, they’re responsible for getting these guys back from combat, back from war. Getting them back into society. not to be cast away and not to be broken these guys can be healed. Bobby continues, ” I can be healed and I am healed.”


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