She Hopped Into A Police Car With A Note, Now The Investigation Begins

Police in Platteville, Wisconsin, were responding to a loose dog call when a cute pup ran up to an officer’s vehicle and jumped in.

When the dog jumped in, the officer noticed there was a note attached to her collar.

“Please help, take me to a shelter. My name is Lola,” it read.

“On August 25th, our department responded to Moundview Park for a report of a loose dog. This sweet girl came right over to the officer and jumped in the squad,” Police wrote on social media. “Upon further inspection, the officer discovered this note attached to the pink collar the dog was wearing. We are asking for the public’s assistance in finding Lola’s original “owners”. We would like to speak with them. Thank you in advance.”

Authorities wish to speak with the previous owner because, according to a local ordinance, it is illegal to abandon an animal.

In a heartwarming incident from February, an intelligent rescue dog from Texas managed to navigate her way back to safety after going missing. The dog’s owner reached out to the Animal Rescue League of El Paso, where she had recently adopted the dog named Bailey. The shelter shared Bailey’s story on social media, urging people to be on the lookout for the lost pup.

However, Bailey surprised everyone by returning to the shelter just two days later, despite it being 10 miles away from her home. She even rang the doorbell, seeking help. This remarkable display of intelligence and determination touched the hearts of many.

“Bailey is now safe. To all those who searched, spotted, called, hoped — we thank you. As we know, dogs are incredible. Bailey made her own way back to ARL and rang our ring doorbell at 1:15 a.m., saying she wanted in. Staff rushed to the shelter and put Bailey in her run,” the rescue posted.

“These dogs are smarter than people give them credit for. How did she know what direction to go?” Loretta Hyde, the founder of Animal Rescue said to KFOX14.


  1. I love dogs. I just lost mine a few months ago and am too old to get another for fear I’ll go before my baby would leaving it to fend on its own. I wish I could have another dog but I wont take the chance of leave it confused as to why I left it.

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