She Couldn’t Find Her Dog But When She Heard Him Cry The Race Was On

Construction zones are dangerous- especially if you happen to be an elderly blind dog wandering around.

Ceasar, a 13-year-old blind dog, lives in Pasadena, California with his owner Mary.

Construction has been going on next to Cesar’s home for a while; however, one night, Cesar got out of his yard and wandered into the construction zone.

While he was walking along, Cesar fell into a 15-foot hole that was approximately 3 feet wide. Cesar was trapped with no way to get himself free. Cesar’s dog friend who was still in the yard began barking.  This alerted the owner, Mary, that something was wrong.

Realizing that Cesar was no longer in the yard, Mary went in search of him.  Hearing him crying, Mary alerted the construction foreman who then called the Pasadena Fire Department.

Mary told KABC-TV, “He’s an old dog, but he’s still very curious and adventurous.”

Soon after- around 7 pm that evening, the firefighters arrived and put together a pulley system to help the poor, scared dog.

One firefighter was lowered down and was able to bring Cesar back up.

The Pasadena Fire Department posted to Facebook on Wednesday saying, “Successful dog rescue: Last night our personnel performed a Technical Rescue of a blind canine who fell approximately 15 feet into a hole at a construction site.”

“The canine was extricated in roughly 13 minutes. After the rescue, the canine was assessed, determined to be uninjured, and returned to the owner. Special thanks to Arcadia, South Pasadena and Glendale Fire who assisted.”

According to KABC, Pasadena Fire Chief Chad Augustin said, “The dog was blind. This is a construction zone. Confined space rescues are low-frequency, high-risk.”

“And so there’s a lot of steps that we need to do to make sure we do to make it as safe as possible for not just the victim, or in this case the dog, but also our rescuers.”

Though the rescue was slightly difficult, Augustin said the firefighters were all proud to be involved in the rescue.

“It always makes us feel good,” he told KABC. “Right? At the end of the day, all of us are, are pet lovers. And I have a dog of my own, so we want to make sure we take care of not just our residents, but also our furry friends.”




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