School Officials In Hot Water With Parents & Teachers After An Unexpected Guest ‘Drops’ In On A Student

It is not a surprise that education is a topic on many people’s minds. However, a school in Lexington, Kentucky, is dealing with a whole different form of anxiety.

Henry Clay High School is dealing with wildlife literally dropping from the ceiling. Henry Clay High School was built in the 1970s.  Naturally, it is in need of updating.  The school made promises to modernize the school, but many are still waiting for those changes to happen.

The most recent problems have arisen from insects, rodents, and reptiles making their homes inside the school.

The ‘pet’ getting noticed the most though is a baby rat snake.  The rat snake was found by an English teacher named Nathan Spalding.

As reported by FaithTap,

According to what he told the Lexington Herald-Leader, he was in his classroom at around 7:35 a.m. on Wednesday when he suddenly realized that what had first looked like a scrunchie on the classroom phone was no scrunchie at all.

“I got closer and realized it was a snake,” he said.

Spalding said, “I certainly did not anticipate having a baby snake fall from the ceiling and cuddle my phone.”

“This little guy gave me quite the surprise this morning. Special thanks to Molly Haggerty Jones for calling someone to help and for reaching out to KY Fish and Wildlife, who identified this as a rat snake,” He continued.

A young rat snake fell from the ceiling of a Henry Clay High School Classroom. (not a picture of the actual snake)

The harmless baby snake was safely deposited outside.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that teachers and students have experienced unwanted guests in the classroom.

“Our school is infested with roaches, spiders, and mice. Our school now seems to also have a nest of snakes living in the ceiling.

One teacher reported that three mice fell from her ceiling while she was in her classroom. Another was seen during a faculty back-to-school meeting.

On another day, a student was shocked when a mouse fell from the ceiling and landed on the desk during class!

“It landed on a student’s desk and caused quite a commotion,” Spalding said.

Another teacher, Jeni Ward, said, “I feel like when snakes and mice are dropping from your ceiling, I feel like this is an emergency. We can’t wait.”

The school has put out a response to the incident. It stated in part,

“As the weather begins to turn cooler it is not uncommon for rodents and pests to find their way into buildings. Each fall, our buildings and grounds maintenance teams work proactively to lay traps and spray repellent. Additionally, last week, our building was evaluated and treated by professional exterminators as part of the district’s ongoing maintenance protocols. We will continue to take all steps necessary to ensure that Henry Clay High School is a welcoming place to learn — and work.”



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