Pup Fights For It’s Life After Accident During Walk That Can Be A Lesson For Us All

On a typical stroll along Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, Lori Burns was walking her two dogs when one of them started breathing heavily and then collapsed.

While on the walk, Lori Burns noticed her 15-pound pup, Chance was breathing heavily and then collapsed. Burns rushed him to the veterinarian.

It was there that she learned that her dog allegedly ingested a dose of Oxycodone.  Due to the accidental ingestion, the poor pup became blind and almost lost his life.

Chance had a fever of 106 degrees.  The veterinarian was afraid that if they were unable to lower the temperature, his organs would begin to fail and he would die.

Burns was told her dog had ingested oxycodone and overdosed. Chance’s symptoms were treated and he was able to go home with his owner the following day, but unfortunately, he was blind.

Apparently, dogs ingesting opioids is relatively common; however, it is usually when the pet gets into their owners’ prescription bottles.

FoxNews reported:

Oxycodone was the only unusual substance discovered in the dog’s system. Burns said nobody in her family takes the drug, so the pooch had to have found it during their walk, although she is unsure of the exact location.

Burns was thankful she rushed her pup to the emergency vet saying, “If I could give a message to people, it’s to know your surroundings and know where to go, because had I not gone to the animal hospital and had I driven home, he would have died.”

Chance recently had some tests done. The vet told Burns he does have some activity in his retina.  Hopefully, Chance will get his eyesight back.



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